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3D Animator

Humain are a modern VFX / CG company working with high profile clients on cutting edge digital humans for video games. To help us grow and adapt to this ever-changing world, we are looking for a dynamic and versatile 3D Animator.

Founded in 2016, Humain have worked on Call of Duty, Halo, Diablo II Resurrected, Saints Row and many others.

Job Description

A 3D Animator is responsible for any animation requirements across all of Humain’s AAA productions and research and development. They are responsible for creating photorealistic, high quality 3D organic animation to be used in video game production. They must be able to follow direction well and complete work in an efficient manner.

Roles and responsibilities

Apply animation principles to create high-quality animations to meet technical constraints and making changes based on artistic direction.

Create complex, film-quality, 3D organic animation to a project’s specifications.

Work collaboratively with other animators to ensure consistency and accuracy of animated designs.

Able to take direction and respond to changes in feedback.

Work within studio best practices, follow guidelines, and keep scenes clean and organized.

Manage time and resources to meet weekly targets.

Utilise multitasking ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Qualifications include

  • Technical and artistic innovation will be mandatory to reach the level of quality requested. Is this the challenge you are looking for? Then join us!
  • Working knowledge of Maya.
  • Understanding of acting techniques, cinematography, and interactive storytelling
  • Understanding of movement of limbs, the effect of weight, and the behavior of skin and flesh
  • Knowledge of anatomy, how humans and animals move
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver to tight deadlines
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills.


  1. At least two years’ experience in the animation industry.
  2. A degree in Animation or a closely related subject
  3. A reel or body of work demonstrating animation skills.

Location Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Position Full-Time

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Pipeline Technical Director

Humain develop digital humans for world-leading AAA video game developers on titles such as Call of Duty and Halo.

As a Pipeline Technical Director, you will be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the tools, software, and workflows used to deliver characters for AAA video games. You need to be highly technical and demonstrate an aptitude for creative problem solving.

You will work closely with artists, enabling their work to be delivered as efficiently as possible, while also considering the impact of changes on the wider facility. You need to be able to respond to both upstream and downstream changes and requests against a backdrop of multiple projects running simultaneously at our studio. You will develop new tools and scripts, predominantly in Python to ensure that everyone in our studio can perform to their full potential.

You will be regularly required to:

– Provide technical advice and support for artists.
– Collaborate with R&D developers and artists to develop specific new Python tools and workflows.
– Contribute to the development and constant improvement of Humain’s pipeline.
– Ensure requests for new tools are connected to the company strategy.

As well as being able to demonstrate technical skill and initiative, you will need to be an excellent communicator – your ability to communicate between technical developers and non-technical artists accurately and succinctly will help you thrive in this role.

Our Pipeline TDs not only produce excellent work, they are also inspirational mentors and coaches to the more junior members of the Pipeline team. This ranges from formal guidance – generating tutorials and teaching materials – to informal mentoring on a day-to-day basis, and you will be supported in this role by our Pipeline Supervisor.

Above all, you will be at the centre of some of the most exciting AAA video game projects in development working with some of the most talented individuals in the industry. You will be in a fantastic position to develop your leadership skills and enhance your skills as a tool developer in a collaborative, project-facing environment.

Must Have

– Previous experience in AAA video games or related industry
– Excellent Python, Maya and Linux skills
– Solid understanding of the video game development pipeline
– Experience in developing tools for DCC packages such as Maya, Blender, Unreal or Unity.

Nice to Have

– A degree in Computer Science, Computer Graphics or other related field.
– Experience with source control systems and team development.

Location Belfast, Northern Ireland (potential to work remotely)
Position Full-Time

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Unreal Engine Developer

As an Unreal Developer you will be responsible for developing all our high-quality photorealistic and non-photorealistic character rigs within the Unreal Engine. You will work closely with our riggers, animators, modellers, and programmers across all of Humain’s productions and research and development. You must be able to provide solutions to current workflows whilst ensuring they can be generalised for all future productions where possible. This is a challenging opportunity for someone who wants to make an impact across multiple AAA studios. Why restrict yourself to one game when you can work on them all! 🙂

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

  • To work closely with Humain’s production and R&D teams to develop real-time digital humans. 
  • Application of experience and knowledge to optimize game engine deployment for digital humans in terms of memory, frame rate and performance.
  • Develop and maintain optimized modules for tools surrounding digital human production that utilize game engines along with UI and I/O modules.
  • Design and develop core tools into the pipeline.
  • Work with the Humain team to understand technical requirements.
  • Active participation in technical and artistic discussions and problem solving.
  • Work closely with TD’s and other development team members to further develop pipeline and workflows.

Essential Criteria

  • Strong knowledge of object-oriented design, design patterns, 3D Math, linear algebra vector math and associated data structures.
  • Expert knowledge of Unreal Engine and/or Unity including GUI, and materials/shaders.
  • Strong knowledge in 3D graphics development (Particle Systems, Shaders) and performance optimization within game development.
  • Strong knowledge of matrix algebra, trigonometry, and computational geometry essential.
  • Detailed knowledge of C++ and/or C# essential.
  • Ability to implement existing script and/or visual scripting modules into optimized and economic code within Unreal and/or Unity.
  • A good sense of creating and maintaining code bases that are accessible and modular.
  • Willing to help lead the development path for creative development solutions for overall development pipeline and for individual projects.
  • Strong knowledge of version control system such as perforce.
  • Qualified applicants should have 2+ years of 3D engine developing optimised modules in C++ and/or C# within the games industry and at least one AAA game shipped on PC or Console within Unreal or Unity.
  • Candidate should be resident or willing to relocate to a UK+2/-2 time zone (We can sponsor EU and non-EU visas).

Desirable Criteria

  • Understanding of Maya and Python tool development
  • Experience with shader development in Unity and/or Unreal
  • Candidate should be resident or willing to relocate to a UK+1/-1 time zone (We can sponsor EU and non-EU visas).

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