Every year the world of gaming gets more realistic and more immersive

Humain helps video game developers to engage and excite players.

We do this by creating face and body rigs that result in realistic, emotional and expressive characters. Combining psychology and anatomy, with animation, coding and art, just a short engagement with our specialist team can make life easier for production teams, animators, outsource managers and riggers.


Humain rigs are expressive, fast and intuitive. You can easily keyframe your character’s performance until it perfectly reflects what’s in your head.


Humain rigs let your team do their best work and bring projects in on time and on budget.


Humain’s unique service is perfect for busy riggers. We produce robust pipeline friendly rigs that run in Maya, integrate with offline renderers and export to real time engines.

Outsource Managers

Humain body or facial rigs can help you rapidly increase your production capacity and raise the capability of your team inside a short timeframe.

Who we work with